Points Reward System

With our Points Reward System, it allows you to Book and Shop with us which in return earns you reward points every time which allows you to use during your next transaction.

How it works: –

Every RP1 you spent earns you 1 reward point.

Every Redemption of 100 reward points is equivalent to RP1.

Example below :

You order a Fake Nail Set price at RP.250,000.
For this order, you will earn 250000 points.

RP1 = 1 point
RP250,000 = 250000 points

Now you have 250000 points after your last order.
You want to use your reward points for a new order.

You make a new order of RP.250,000 and you wish to use your reward points of 250000.

100 point = Rp1
250000 points = RP2,500

After redemption, you will need to pay RP250,000 – Rp2,500 = Rp.247,500.

* Note you can keep and accumulate the points for future usage also.

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